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Viral-X To Rid the Body of Viruses and Toxins

Viral-XViral-X, also known as the Natural Flu Shot, contains enzymes from tree bark, vitamin C, a pure form of enzyme from bing cherries, the highest grade of enzymes from milk thistle, Siberian ginseng, and resveratrol.

Viral-X has these fine ingredients combined with a "carrier" herb which creates a powerful delivery system. This causes Viral-X to be quickly assimilated in to the blood cells. Only the purest ingredients are combined in a unique process which insures the potency and integrity of the final product.

Viral-X is carefully formulated to be taken safely without drug interactions or contraindications.

These ingredients have been known to:

  • Dissolve Blood Clots
  • Thin Blood
  • Cleanse the Blood of Viruses (such as flu and herpes)
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Cleanse the Liver
  • Increase Enzymes in the Liver
  • Flush out excessive amounts of Alcohol from the Liver and Blood Stream

Do you want to rid yourself of viruses and toxins?

Viral-X may aid in:

  • Cleansing the Blood of Environmental Toxic Chemicals
  • Cardio and Blood Circulation Problems
  • Alleviating problems with Gout
  • Alleviating the effects of Cancer Virus
  • Alleviating effects of Heavy Drinking or Alcoholism
  • Alleviating effects of Flu Virus
  • Relieving negative side effects from Viruses
  • Cleansing the Blood of Toxins resulting from Heavy Cigarette Smoking, or Recreational Toxins

One of the ways Viral-X works by making the environment inside your body not condusive to the harboring and growth of viruses. Viruases can no longer survive in the body of the individual taking Viral-X so they have to leave. They exist via normal bodily excretions.

Did you know that viruses have been linked to, and in some cases proven to cause.......

Obesity, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Heart Disease, Autism, Colds, Flu, Including Bird Flu, and West Nile Virus, Auto Immune Diseases, and even Death.

More discoveries are being made every day about what viruses are really doing to our bodies. Many more diseases are being proven to have been caused by or made worse by viruses!

Why take a chance with your health? Why risk your life, and quality of life?

Viral-X - Frequently Asked Questions

What will Viral-X do for me?

Our customers use Viral-X to rid their bodies of viruses (including herpes, influenza, and mono) and toxins (including environmental, industrial, and those found in cigarettes and tobacco products). Many viruses, such as herpes, manifests in various ways and lead to other illnesses; our customers have reported success in clearing up these conditions as well. Some tell us they have had success with eliminating bacterial infections and parasites as well. In addition, Viral-X dissolves blood clots and soft plaque.

How quickly will it get rid of my virus?

Each individual is unique. Body types and make-up vary from person to person, as do lifestyles. However, our customers report a clean bill of health from their physicians in as little as four days for viruses such as mononucleosis. Long term illness may require 3 or four bottles.

Will my virus return if I stop taking Viral-X?

Viral-X does not simply mask the symptoms or repress viruses; it works to completely flush them out. While you can contract another virus at a later date while not on Viral-X, you can be sure that Viral-X has gone to the source to rid your system of any and all existing viruses. If you have taken enough Viral-X to get a clean bill of health, you do not need to stay on Viral-X to keep that illness away.

What if I work around chemical toxins or am exposed to cleaning chemicals and industrial toxins?

An occasional cleanse will help to improve your overall health.

Is Viral-X harsh on the body or will it deplete my body’s natural defense?

No, not if used used according to directions. Our products are designed to help your body fight illness. They are not intended to replace your own natural defense. Use them only as needed.

What if I smoke or use tobacco products?

We suggest that you stop smoking and begin a program of Cardio Care, Viral-X, and Immun-All to cleanse your body of toxins and improve heart health. Those who have quit smoking have found a Viral-X cleanse to be beneficial because it not only removes nicotine and its effects, but it also flushes out the other many toxins found in cigarettes and tobacco products. With nicotine out of the bloodstream, some have found “kicking the habit” a bit easier.

What if I do not wish to quit smoking?

Because toxins are still passing through the body, we can not guarantee full protection from them. However, our customers who continue smoking still greatly benefit from our natural products. Use of Cardio Care will improve a weakened cardiovascular system and remove heavy metals found in cigarettes, such as cadmium. An occasional Viral-X cleanse intermittent with an Immun-All boost will help to keep toxins cleaned out and improve overall health.

What if I drink?

Our customers have had great results in flushing alcohol from their systems with Viral-X. Those sensitive to alcohol - even in very small amounts - find that they can take Viral-X with alcohol and avoid side effects from drinking - upset stomach, headaches, “hangover”. This is because Viral-X works to quickly flush alcohol from the bloodstream and through the liver and kidneys. Viral-X does not simply mask symptoms; it goes right to the source and eliminates it. If you have been sensitive to alcohol, you may find that you will finally be able to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

This is NOT, however, a license to drink to excess - just as drinking a diet coke does not justify eating 5 donuts! We suggest drinking in moderation if you choose to drink. If you drink heavily or frequently, then certainly, cleansing your liver and bloodstream with Viral-X will result in improved health. If you are concerned about ill effects from alcohol consumption, consider a two-week cleanse every few months, followed by an Immun-All boost.

If you desire a detox, a Viral-X cleanse will help you to achieve that goal.

What if I have used recreational drugs?

Again, please do not use recreational drugs! But if you have done so, you can use Viral-X to cleanse your system and remove drug toxins.

Will I have to take Viral-X every day for the rest of my life?

No. We do not wish for you to become dependent on our products, or anyone else’s. Some customers wish use Viral-X as a daily maintenance. They report that when they are on Viral-X, they have seen classmates and workmates suffer illness, while they do not. You should not use Viral-X daily on a permanent basis. It is preferable that you take periods of time to allow your body to fight for itself. Immun-All is helpful in this regard. You may choose to take Viral-X daily through flu season, or keep a bottle on hand for use when you feel symptoms coming on or have been exposed. A cleanse every few months or use for specific issues has been very beneficial to our customers.

Can I give Viral-X to my sick child?

Because there have been no studies done, we can not recommend Viral-X for children under the age of 8. Children 8 to 12 may use Viral-X at a reduced dosage.

Is it safe for the elderly?

The ingredients in Viral-X are easily assimilated by the body and can be utilized by the elderly.

What about pregnant women and breast-feeding moms?

Viral-X is not recommended for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers.

What if I am also using Cardio Care of Immun-All?

You may use these products simultaneously, taken at different times of the day, alternating days between Viral-X and Immun-All (for effectiveness). Our customers have found their best results in using the products as a comprehensive three-step program.

Does Viral-X cause side effects or aggravate any existing conditions? Can Viral-X be taken with my other medications?

There are no known side effects. The ingredients in Viral-X have been used safely for generations. There are no known interactions with current medications.

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