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Why are 1000's of informed people looking
to chelation as an alternative to painful bypass surgery?

CARDIO CARE is the highest quality EDTA Oral Chelation product. It scrubs your 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, and microscopic arterioles throughout your entire cardiovascular system - head to toe - to melt away HEAVY METALS and PLAQUE (calcium and cholesterol).

WHO should consider CARDIO CARE Oral Chelation Therapy?

- ANYONE who wishes to improve their health (not pregnant at the time). Plaque deposits can cause numerous ailments. It could be detrimentally affecting your health now.
- ESPECIALLY those with existing heart health conditions, or any risk of heart disease or stroke, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, genetic predisposition, and cigarette use.

EDTA Oral Chelation has a rejuvenating effect on the body, slowing down the biological clock of aging, owing to its powerful anti-oxidant free-radical scavenging ability. Not only has EDTA Oral Chelation proven extremely beneficial to those with cardiovascular issues, it also has been found to have a wide range of positive results in many other health conditions.

  • CARDIO CARE is the ONLY Oral Chelation Product which is designed to be taken sublingually resulting in the greatest absorption by far - 60% compared to 5-18% with other products - (more for your money)
  • CARDIO CARE was formulated by a Doctor. Most oral chelation products are not.
  • CARDIO CARE is prepared in a Lab under Strict Quality Control Purity of Product: CARDIO CARE is formulated with the highest quality ingredients - EDTA and protective enzymes - no cheap inferior products are used; no industrial grade EDTA.
  • CARDIO CARE contains pure quality Pharmaceutical Grade EDTA, along with protective enzymes for easy assimilation through the body’s organs and cardiovascular system.

CARDIO CARE is used for two primary purposes:

  1.  Its primary ingredient - Pharmaceutical EDTA - has been used for over 60 years to effectively REMOVE HEAVY METALS (lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic, etc.) from the bloodstream throughout the body.
    For more information on this, please see the links to the left Heavy Metal Poisoning and What is EDTA?
  2. CARDIO CARE is also used by individuals seeking options, along with their physician health care, to REMOVE PLAQUE FROM ARTERIES, affecting health in many ways. For more information, please see the following, as well as Benefits and Uses of EDTA Chelation Therapy, What is EDTA?, and related pages on this site.

By the time you reached age 10, rogue calcium molecules — calcium deposited where it doesn't belong — began gluing fatty cholesterol deposits to the inner walls of your coronary arteries, forming PLAQUE. Clogged Arteries Can Trigger a Heart or Brain Disaster. Each year since, your plaque deposits have grown larger, gradually starving your heart, brain cells and every other cell in your body, and setting you up for a serious health problem.

CARDIO CARE scrubs your 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, capillaries, and microscopic arterioles throughout the entire cardiovascular system - head to toe - to melt away heavy metals and plaque (calcium and cholesterol).

When the Cardiovascular system is cleansed of years of calcifications and cholesterol build up, amazing things happen! Cells that were once starved and dying throughout your body are receiving life-giving oxygen and are being reborn.

As a result, benefits often continue to be felt even after use of CARDIO CARE is completed.

1. The brain cells that control learning, reasoning, coordination and memory are being rejuvenated and are sparking to life again.

2. Nerve endings, once deadened, are being revived and electrified. Creaky, inflamed, painful joints are being soothed, renewed and rendered pain-free.

3. Entire organs - from your eyes and ears ... to your heart, lungs, liver .... to your stomach, pancreas, and intestines - and even your sexual organs - are being revitalized and are returning to normal functions.

4. Extremities - arms and hands, legs and feet - once cold, tingling and numb are now being warmed and resensitized by abundant supplies of life-giving blood.

5. Skin that was thinning and weakening with each passing year is regaining smoothness, elasticity and youthful glow it had 10, 20, even 30 years ago.

6. And as your body rallies, even the fatigue that began plaguing you years ago is giving way, replaced by deep reservoirs of vibrant new energy!

Those who use CARDIO CARE have reported the following:

- Eliminates Arterial Plaque and Cleans Arteries fast
- Lowers high blood pressure reducing chance of a stroke
- Decreases or eliminates pain of angina and joint pain and stiffness
- Prevents need for bypass surgery or angioplasty
- Manages blood lipids eliminating cholesterol drug use
- Manages blood consistency, eliminating the need for blood thinners and the - danger of bleeding or developing ulcers from medications.
- Dissolves gallstones and kidney stones
- Removes bone spurs without surgery
- Improves vision for most, including diabetic retinopathy (there are many - reported benefits for diabetics)
- Dissolves small cataracts
- Prevents osteoarthritis
- Reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
- Lowers diabetics' drug usage
- Reduces Alzheimer symptoms
- Reverses senility and dementia
- Improves memory
- Diminishes Migraines
- And much more! - Please see Benefits and Uses of EDTA Chelation Therapy and What is EDTA?

Even with the best surgical care available at the most high-technology hospitals, thousands of people continue to die from coronary diseases. Medical insurance companies could realize long-term savings by reducing patients’ dependencies on expensive surgeries, angioplasties and rehabilitations. Cardio Care can improve patients’ health at a very low cost. It gives hope to people who are hopeless to afford expensive medical surgeries. Cardio Care offers patients a less invasive treatment that gives them fast results at a very low cost. With Cardio Care, patients feel they are given a new lease on life.

The Information contained in this Letter/Report is for informational purposes only. It is not an attempt by the writers or publisher to practice medicine nor should it be construed as such. Readers are hereby encouraged to consult with a trusted and competent healthcare professional concerning the information presented.

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